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In the Spotlight: (Company) Vislink Services

This month's In the Spotlight Company is Vislink Services. Vislink Services (previously known as Western Technical Services) specializes in the design and installation of IT communications, video and data microwave communications, electronic news-gathering, airborne law enforcement, cellular and PCS, satellite, video surveillance, fiber optics and site control systems.

In-Building Wireless Solutions

The Challenge

Among the many responsibilities faced by architects, building owners, general contractors, and IT teams today, one critical and chronic challenge that users of wireless communication technology depend on you to address is to ensure that their wireless devices and services work while they are in your buildings and or multi-site campus environments.

However, when it comes to reliable coverage indoors, the very structure of your building may work against you. The heavy steel and concrete combined with additional obstacles such as energy efficient windows used in most structures absorb radio signals, leading personnel to find that elusive hot spot in the building with a strong enough signal to communicate via their wireless devices.

This is especially critical in life saving situations, wherein first responders such as Law Enforcement and Public Safety personnel depend on you to be able to communicate while in your building.


Vislink Services In-Building Wireless
  • Master Planning
  • Wireless Design
  • Installation and Integration
  • Service and Support

  • Provides an objective, and comprehensive in-building wireless solution leveraging a lifecycle approach including Planning, Design, Integration and Support

  • Enhances your organization's ability to deploy in-building wireless system and solutions expertise for strategic business advantage in a cost-effective, flexible, adaptable and scalable manner

  • Provides a blueprint for adhering to city or state level safety ordinances

  • Provides a blueprint for planning, design, implementation and support success, while boosting performance, increasing functionality, and avoiding future wireless access problems

  • Provides planning assistance during critical pre-construction phase to help avoid and/or minimize post-construction wireless infrastructure costs

  • Helps meet strategic objectives due to alignment with business goals, providing increased ability to scale, absorb change, and minimize TCO

  • Reduces risk, delays, and the total cost of network deployments with an implementation-ready design that you can use to engineer your wireless network

The Solution - A Lifecycle Approach:

Vislink Services In-Building Wireless Services can help address and solve this common but highly frustrating communication challenge.

Vislink Services In-Building Wireless Services offers a full range of in-building Planning, Design, Integration and Support Services to help create and implement a proper solution for the wireless challenges ahead. Our highly experienced design and integration teams will evaluate your overall system requirement; assign the appropriate professional staff members, and then strive to create a tailored solution to your specific needs.

Master Planning

• Executive consulting
• Needs & usage assessment
• Stakeholder coordination
• Definition of required infrastructure
• Technology migration planning
• Wireless budget development
• In-Building Wireless Master Plan

• Site survey
• RF propagation mapping & modeling
• Equipment specification
• Bill of materials definition
• CAD-based system design
• FCC-stamped design & installation drawings
• CAD-based as-built documentation

• Project & construction management
• Carrier signal-source installation
• Low voltage cabling and coax installation
• Antenna system installation
• System optimization, testing and certification
• WiFi access point integration
• Public safety compliance & coordination

• Single point-of-contact for owner's wireless assets
• Promotion of neutral Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to carriers
• Lease, licensing and system access negotiations
• Carrier integration engineering
• Asset Management reporting
• Warranty & technical support
• System Monitoring

Through a proven delivery methodology, Vislink Services provides a highly experienced wireless design team whose main purpose is to help discover, analyze and assess your overall wireless strategy in order to help design the most appropriate solution. We can develop complete systems from the wireless path profiles and site design through to the turnkey solution. Our highly qualified and experienced design and integration staff is empowered to implement our proven methodology of In-Building Wireless Services. With decades of experience we help plan and design systems and solutions with the customers' current and future needs in mind.

Designing, implementing, and supporting the most cost-effective and flexible network begins with targeted assessment of customer's business, service vision, operational environment and network reliability. WTS In-Building Wireless services encompass all the essential functions necessary to ensure implementation of a cost-effective, flexible system infrastructure all with a 100% guarantee of coverage.


  • Multi-Tenant and Single Tenant Commercial Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Sports Arena
  • Educational Institutions
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitality
  • Natural Resource Mining
  • Tunnels and Infrastructure
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Shipping and Transport
  • ..... and many more

Contact Us:

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services outlined in this brochure, or if you are ready to begin planning your next project, please contact us via the contacts below.

Vislink Services Technical Services:

E-mail: sales@w-t-s.com
Phone: 800-870-7570
Web: www.vislinkservices.com


Vislink Services customers are located around the world - but they all have one thing in common. There's no room for error. That's why it's vital that you have access to a team that can help Plan, Design, Integrate and Maintain your system. Not only that, but you need repairs and servicing to happen exactly how and when you expect. WTS services cater to a your needs and budgets, and take care of every stage of your system's life - from pre-implementation planning and design services to integration and implementation, to training, maintenance, upgrades and field repairs. We want to be sure our customers have the most reliable solutions - and the most reliable support.

Services that are available include:

  • Complete System Planning and Design
  • In-Building Wireless Services
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers
  • In-Factory System Integration
  • On-Site System Installation
  • System Commissioning & Performance Verification
  • Training
  • Maintenance and Operational Services

Delivered by Proven Performers:

  • Industry professionals with years of service and integration experience
  • From design conception to system commissioning providing an end-to-end solution
  • Providing specific custom services, or can manage your complete turnkey project
  • Backed by the extensive staff with a forty year history in the industry

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