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In the Spotlight: (Company) Seal Shield, LLC


This month's In the Spotlight Company is Seal Shield, LLC. Today's active life is touch-dependent. Whether it is a computer keyboard or mouse, a TV remote, an MP3 player, earphones or cell phones, the technology that is so interlaced with all we do depends on touch. Yet, common touch surfaces can harbor bacteria and spread infection. Seal ShieldT began the infection control battle with the invention of the dishwasher safe keyboard. Today, Seal ShieldT offers close to 200 products supporting 27 different languages. Seal ShieldT has become a worldwide standard for hospitals, offering the most complete family of infection control products including:

Contact us at synginc.com for additional product information or sales. contactus@synginc.com

Seal Shield Products:
100% Dishwasher Safe Keyboards, Mice & TV Remotes

S103, S103W, S105xx, S105Wxx - SILVER SURFT Keyboard - Dishwasher Safe & Antimicrobial (Black)(USB or wireless)

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