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In the Spotlight: (Company) DATASITE Orlando


This month's In the Spotlight Company is DATASITE Orlando. You want to talk about an impressive facility. WOW! This company has thought of it all, and it's no wonder the facility has a 100% uptime track record. Quality and careful planning has gone into the facilities Tier III Data Center design. Ken Sanders, GM of the DATASITE Orlando Facility, along with Rob Wilson, Director of Sales and Marketing, provided a great tour of the facility and its massive and scalable footprint, supporting 130,000 Square foot of purpose-built space.

CIO's are finding new and creative ways to offset the real-estate needed for their SANS, Server Farms, and Layer 3 network gear. DATASITE Orlando has introduced to the market a viable and meaningful service to support such applications by building and managing a solid Tier III facility to house such devices.

For further information pertaining to the DATASITE Orlando Facility, please contact Robert Wilson, Director of Sales & Marketing rwilson@datasiteorlando.com.

Purpose Built Fortress:

DataSite is a world class data center facility built to meet the demanding power and cooling needs of the modern computing environment. Their Tier III data center design provides for a completely redundant and continually operating facility that has a 100% uptime track record.

Massively scalable and immediately available, DataSite will custom build cabinets, cages or private suites to meet your specific needs. DataSite Orlando is a purpose built data center constructed to provide IT enterprises a world class facility. The 18 acre safe haven provides a secure private environment with multiple fiber and power feeds. The building was designed to run continually and has a stunning record of 100% uptime over a 10 year period.

• 130,000 Square Foot Purpose-Built Fortress
• 2 High Voltage Sub-Stations on Diverse Grids
• Jet Turbine Generators
• 85,000 Square Feet of 36" Raised Floor
• 7/24/365 on Site Security
• Extensive Video Surveillance Systems
• Dual Concrete Encased Fiber Duct Banks
• Water Cooled Equipment Supported
• Remote Hands Services Available

Cabinets, Cages, & Custom Suites

DataSite offers Colocation Cabinets and Cages built to exact customer specifications. Our world class data center offers a carrier neutral environment, remote hands and 24 x 7 security and engineering staff. Custom Data Center Suites are a core offering featuring dedicated infrastructure with exclusive privacy. Our Custom Data Center Suites offer world class data center capabilities to conduct any planned activity without disruption for the highest level of IT availability. DataSite's Colocation Cages and Custom Suites are defined dedicated spaces which permit floor standing equipment with the most enhanced amenities.

• Diverse UPS Systems
• Provisioned Power Distribution Units (PDU)
• Jet Turbine Generators
• Multiple Computer Room Air Handlers
• Remote Hands
• 24 x 7 Security
• Metered Power
• 36 Inch Raised Floor

Carrier Neutral

DataSite provides network neutral access to major telecommunications carriers and Internet backbones. DataSite's neutrality allows data center clients to select vendors, networks and protocols which best fit their requirements, without proprietary or other carrier-specific constraints. DataSite will assist in providing direct access to local, national, international, wireline, private, public, research, dark fiber and other networks.

• Carrier Neutral
• Dual Fiber Entry
• Underground Concrete Encased Conduit
• T-1 & DS-3
• OC-X Fiber
• Metro Ethernet

Raised Floor

Customized data center space is what DataSite delivers. With 85,000 square feet of 36 inch raised floor we have the capacity to meet large floor space demands and provide a turn key data center solution. Whether it is one cabinet or a completely customized data center suite, we are designed to meet the high power and cooling requirements of the modern computing environment.

• Custom Suites from 500 to 50,000 Square Feet
• 36" Raised Floor
• Pre-action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System
• Above & Below Floor Fire Detection
• Chilled Water System for Water Cooled Equipment
• Remote Hands Services

Amped & Ready

DataSite is designed to provide uninterrupted power to the raised floor. Multiple UPS systems eliminate fluctuations and electrical irregularities delivering clean, continuous power to all critical systems. Dual 12.4 kilovolt power feeds from diverse utility substations combined with multiple UPS, battery rooms and Jet Turbine generators power the building continuously forever.

• Two Separate 12.47kv Underground Service Feeds
• Diverse High Voltage Substations on Separate Power Grids
• Double Ended Main Switchgear & Electrical Distribution Gear
• Multiple Diverse UPS & Battery Rooms


The physical security of DataSite is one of our highest operational priorities. We employ a variety of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility, including customer areas. DataSite is staffed with around the clock security officers to compliment the physical security design of the facility thus ensuring the protection of your critical IT operations.

• On Premise Security Guards
• Anonymous & Windowless Building Exterior
• Vehicle Blockades
• Bulletproof Walls
• Biometric & Keycard Access Systems
• Extensive Video Surveillance Systems

Massive Cooling

A cool environment is critical to any IT operation and DataSite has the ability to cool up to 200 watts per square foot of power consumption. With 2,750 tons of chiller capacity and 80+ CRAH units, we can pinpoint the delivery of cold air to the exact floor tile. Triple redundancy on the water supply guarantees complete ventilation and heat rejection around the clock. The chilled water distribution system is available for the high power density water cooled supercomputers and blade servers of tomorrow.

• 2,750 Ton Centrifugal Chiller Plant
• Marley Stainless Cooling Towers
• 3N Redundant Water Supply
• Massively Redundant CRAH Units
• Water Cooled Equipment Supported
• Water Temp Regulated to 42 degrees

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Jeff Burges | President, Founder

Rob Wilson | Director of Sales and Marketing

Ken Sanders | General Manager DataSite Orlando

Christine Sotelo | Director of Operations

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