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Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously

Use SyngINC, Corp. QSC Project Assistance Program to identify design and installation resources for your next project.

• Data Center Build out or Design
• Outside Plant Cabling / Ariel Plant
• Wireless
• Systems Integration
• CATV / Satellite
• Directional Boring
• Microwave RF Point-to-Point Links
• Distributed Antenna Systems
• Bi-Directional Antennas
• Premise Cabling Design and Installation
• Bandwidth Management and Internetworking
• VoIP

Looking for a resource in your area? Then you have come to the right place. Let our consulting staff support you with your project and provide you with an executive RFP package so your approving committee (HOA / CEO / Director / Accounting) can approve your next project with confidence.

  • Are you looking for competitive quotes?
  • Do you need special services for your facility?
  • Do you need consulting assistance to put together an RFP for your project?
  • Do you not have the qualifications on staff to manage the technical aspects of your project?

With today's economy, it's becoming a standard to provide at least (3) three competitive quotes for your project. Whether you're running fiber optics between two buildings, adding a wireless network to an existing hard wired network, or building a whole new facility, let SyngINC, Corp. be your owners representative and manage your next telecom project.

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