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Telecom Consulting  -  Certification / Site Assessments  -  Low Voltage Cabling

Certification / Site Assessments

Testing & Troubleshooting Services

"Slow" network, scratchy phone lines, intermittent internet access, poor screen image quality, equipment lock-ups? Having a problem you just can't seem to isolate? Give us a call. Over the years, our seasoned QSC Contractors and Consultants have helped our National clients identify and remedy hundreds of deeply rooted phone, network, audio and video connectivity problems.

From simple cable continuity testing to fiber OTDR tracing, SyngINC, Corp. offers complete testing and troubleshooting services using copper and fiber optic cable analyzers from Fluke Networks and other leading manufacturers. And if the physical layer is not the culprit, we can also provide higher level real time monitoring of your data network utilizing state of the art network sniffer technologies.

Cable Certification & Site Assessment Services

Have you inherited a network whose infrastructure you are not quite sure of? Maybe you are moving in to a new office with existing cabling, have a new position at a new company or have acquired a new company with questionable infrastructure. SyngINC, Corp. can help eliminate your worry and guesswork.

Our cable certification and site assessment services include:

Cable Certification – Test existing copper cabling and certify for Category 3, 5, 5e, 6 or 6A compliance. Test existing fiber optic cabling and certify for use with a variety of backbone technologies from 10 megabit to 10 gigabits. Test documentation is available in soft and printed copy formats

Physical Plant Assessment - Inspection of existing cable termination methods, component quality, code compliance, pathway systems, racks, power & grounding systems and other installation practices that may affect network performance.

Network Topology Assessment - Inspection and assessment of network components including switches, routers, firewalls, modems and other backbone electronics.

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