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Cable Harnesses and Assemblies

The QSC program allows us to leverage our vendor’s abilities and services. We have partnered up with one of the largest assemblies divisions in the country to custom build your next cable assemblies. See our capabilities below and contact one of our cable assemblies reps today.

Cable Harness Assemblies

  • Custom Built Assemblies
  • Specialty Harness Cables
  • Rack and Stack
  • Pre-assembly
  • Rack Assembly and Accessories



  • Fiber Optics Patch Cords
  • V.35 Cables
  • Cat 5 E and Cat 6 Assemblies
  • Telco Cables
  • Parts and Bulk Cable

Certificate of Compliance

All of our products are issued with a "Certificate of Compliance" stating that all materials used in the assemblies conform to the materials and/or manufacturing specifications.


Bulk Items

We stock a number of connectors, bulk cable, patch panels, wallplates and accessories to better service our customers.


SyngINC, Corp.  warranties all of our assemblies from defects for one year and go through numerous inspections and quality control before being released to the customer. To every project, SyngINC, Corp. bring knowledge, thoroughness, professionalism and a commitment to providing the best possible service.


Specialty Items

Our Assembly Division works with our customers to provide drawing schematics and prototypes for all your cabling needs.


SyngINC, Corp. has the capabilities to handle all your cabling needs from patch cables to Pre-Assembled racks and equipment along with pre-packaging your products for you.



SyngINC, Corp. provides numerous products from Liebert UPS's to Siemon Patch panels & wallplates, and Chatsworth racks & cabinets among many other items.

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