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About CPI

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is a global manufacturer providing voice, data and security products and service solutions that optimize, store and secure technology equipment. CPI Products offer innovation, configurability, quality and value with a breadth of integrated system components, covering virtually all physical layer needs. Unequalled customer service and technical support, as well as a global network of industry-leading distributors, assures customers that CPI is dedicated to delivering products and services designed to meet their needs.

Optimize Without Compromise

CPI provides a complete personalized solution with enterprise Software Systems, KVM Systems and Power Management Products along with Thermal Management and Cabinet and Enclosure Systems. By supplying integrated, global management of your IT architecture, CPI’s advanced Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions present the components necessary to access, monitor and control equipment and devices around the world from a single location, simplifying data center operations.

CPI's Enterprise Infrastructure Solution is composed of the following elements:

  • Software Systems
  • KVM Systems
  • Power Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Cabinet and Enclosure Systems

Infrastructure Management Resources:

Enterprise Infrastructure Brochure CPI PUE Calculator™
Product Configurator

Case Study: Orlando Health Data Center

Solution Overview Video:

Planning Assistance:

Contact your local CPI sales person to discuss your specific infrastructure needs. CPI offers:

  • Design and consultation services
  • Field experts to visit your site
  • AutoCad plans and elevation drawings with a detailed BOM
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
  • Custom solutions to address specific requirements

Components of CPI's Enterprise Infrastructure Solution

Software Systems

When data centers are positioned in multiple locations, the ability to successfully access, monitor and control the entire enterprise, regardless of physical location can be a challenge. CPI’s Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) Software provides centralized access across the organization for monitoring and controlling equipment and devices. Use SEMA to store critical information about each device in a searchable, centralized database making it easy to locate equipment, measure and record temperature and humidity in each cabinet and provide comprehensive per-outlet (per device) power usage across the enterprise.

KVM Systems

Managing hundreds or thousands of servers around the globe and around the clock requires an easy way to find and access equipment. CPI provides space-saving, scalable and fully integrated KVM Systems with optional IP capability, versatile configurations and patented technology. When combined with CPI’s SEMA software, KVM Systems deliver enterprise-wide infrastructure management and console access to servers and network switches.

Power Management Products

With increasing high power density applications, power management products have become an integral part of the overall enterprise data center solution. CPI Power Management Products range from basic and metered to more advanced monitored and controlled power solutions. Use CPI’s Power Management Products with SEMA for real-time power monitoring and reporting across the enterprise all the way down to the device level. Receive current-usage reporting, power cycling and threshold alarms when used with SEMA-compatible Controlled PDUs.

Thermal Management

As equipment densities continue to increase, proper thermal management has become a vital part to maintaining critical enterprise uptime. CPI Passive Cooling Solutions offer innovative Thermal Management techniques that allow you to manage the flow of air throughout your data center without the need for supplemental cooling systems. By isolating cold supply from hot exhaust air, the inefficient mixing of hot and cold air is eliminated, allowing only cold supply air to be directed through equipment.

From small applications with heat loads of 2 kW per cabinet to large data centers with high heat densities up to 30 kW per cabinet, CPI Passive Cooling Solutions offer smart, proven technology to reduce your data center cooling costs and maintain equipment uptime.

Cabinet and Enclosure Systems

The cabinet platform on which your enterprise is built is just as critical as the equipment it stores. Utilizing a properly configured cabinet that is designed to fit your equipment, and works with your data center’s cooling system is crucial. As the leader in innovative storage solutions, CPI Cabinet and Enclosure Systems provide configurable solutions for storing multiple servers and various pieces of computer equipment, as well as enhanced thermal management and advanced cable management options to meet your growing enterprise needs.

For high-density situations, CPI offers the F-Series TeraFrame™ and T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet families which present a variety of CPI Passive Cooling Solutions and cable management options to meet your specific needs.

For more information about CPI please visit www.chatsworth.com

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